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Stargate SG-1, Season 7 Description:

Daniel Jackson returns to his post with the SG-1 team. Their celebration is short lived, however, as Anubis continues his tyrannical reign over other System Lords. The team is in a desperate search for the Lost City of the Ancients, which they believe houses technology powerful enough to defeat Anubis.

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1 Fallen SG-1, SG-3 and SG-5 gate to the address, where they find the nomadic tribe and Daniel Jackson. But Daniel doesn’t remember O’Neill, Carter or Teal’c, and he’s not sure he wants to remember who he is, because he feels he might have done something wrong. Carter convinces Daniel that he was a very good person and to return to SG-1. The team theorizes that Daniel was expelled from the race of Ascended beings by his benefactor Oma after he interfered in human affairs on Abydos. 43:55
2 Homecoming In a Kelownan bunker on the outskirts of the capital city, O’Neill and Carter emerge from the nation’s stargate, which was moved underground during the world war with the Tiranians and the Andaris. The war ended with the Kelownans using their Naquadria bomb. Many lives were lost, but the Tiranian and Andari representatives have come to negotiate peace – unfortunately, at about the same time that Anubis’ ship appeared. 43:53
3 Fragile Balance Meanwhile, Selmak looks at O’Neill’s test results and says the boy is not O’Neill, but a clone. Carter, Daniel and Teal’c, who have been researching alien-abduction cases similar to O’Neill’s, surmise that whichever of the Asgard was responsible for the abductions replaced the test subjects with clones until he was finished studying them, then switched them back. O’Neill’s regression was a mistake of which the Asgard researcher was unaware. SG-1 plans to intercept the next switch in order to apprehend him. 43:56
4 Orpheus Upon looking at drawings Daniel has made from his recovered memory – "a Naquadah refinery near a Ha’tak-class vessel under construction on a planet with two moons" – Rak’nor identifies the planet as Erebus, currently under the rule of Goa’uld system lord Ba’al. Because Jaffa unwilling to serve the Goa’uld are brought to Erebus to be worked to death, it was a logical place for Bra’tac and Rya’c to find recruits. 43:56
5 Revisions Afterward, both Pallan and Evalla deny that anything strange has occurred. When O’Neill and the others offer the Council, now composed only of three men, the opportunity to relocate from the dome to a planet with a breathable atmosphere, they politely refuse. When O’Neill asks what happened to their female colleague, they deny there ever was a woman on the Council. 43:55
6 Lifeboat While Carter and Teal’c lead a team back to the ship to search for the party responsible, Dr. Fraiser meets another of the souls Daniel carries a small boy named Keenin. He tells her how their planet was doomed to destruction and how three ships were built to carry three thousand people picked by lottery to go the planet Ardena, where they would repopulate their species. Because Keenin’s father was a crewmember, he was allowed to take one family member. He picked Keenin. 43:58
7 Enemy Mine On P3X-403, the SG-11 archeological team headed by Col. Edwards discovers a Naquadah mine that could yield enough of the rare, off-world mineral to build many interstellar battle cruisers and other spacecraft. But when geologist Lt. Ritter disappears after going out to inspect the site, Edwards, whose team is not trained for search and rescue, sends for SG-1 and SG-3. Teal’c and SG-3 search for Ritter while Dr. Daniel Jackson studies relics found by SG-11. Among the artifacts is a large yoke, used to harness a race called the Unas, which was long ago enslaved and abandoned by the Goa’uld. Daniel believes that Unas may still live on this planet, and that they saw Ritter as an intruder in their territory and attacked him. Daniel’s suspicions are confirmed when Teal’c and SG-3 find another entrance to the mine, near which Ritter’s body is hung up like a scarecrow among some Jaffa warriors’ skeletons that are similarly displayed. When Edwards hears the news, he becomes incensed. Against Daniel’s advice, he and other SG forces enter the dense forest where Ritter disappeared – and are attacked by a horde of Unas. During the skirmish, Col. Jack O’Neill is wounded in the arm and is about to return fire when Daniel cries out in the Unas’ primitive language. The aliens retreat, and after an angry discourse with Edwards – who does not care for civilian Daniel’s involvement – O’Neill takes the matter to Stargate Command. There, to Edwards’ consternation, Gen. Vidrine from the Pentagon authorizes Daniel’s plan to negotiate with the Unas with the help of Chaka, an Unas who SG-1 encountered on another planet, and with whom Daniel has kept in contact. If negotiations are resolved within the time allotted to determine the viability of the mine, fine. If not, Vidrine authorizes the use of deadly force. With O’Neill laid up in the in the infirmary and Maj. Samantha Carter performing a complete overhaul of the stargate’s diagnostic system, Daniel, accompanied by Teal’c, must handle the uncooperative Edwards and the Unas situation on his own. 44:02
8 Space Race The race begins. After Warrick and co-pilot Carter evade the obstacle course’s attack drones, they move on to Stage Two, in which the racers head into the coronasphere of Hebridan’s sun. Then an explosion occurs: The ship’s power diverter has been sabotaged and overloaded. The Seberus is heading into the sun. Their only hope is to relocate the Naquadah generator, bypass the diverter and supply power directly to the engines. 43:56
9 Avenger 2.0 Instead of simply disabling the stargate on P5S-117, though, the virus triggers a systemwide update throughout all the DHDs (Dial Home Devices) in the entire stargate network. Because Stargate Command doesn’t use a DHD, they now have the only stargate that can dial out. Twelve of the 15 SG teams offworld at the time return safely before the entire network goes offline. Unfortunately, Daniel is trapped on P3L-997, where the floodwaters are rising, and Teal’c and O’Neill are stranded on P3C-249 in the middle of a brutal firefight. 43:56
10 Birthright While on a mission to P3X-955, SG-1 is attacked by Jaffa forces loyal to the Goa’uld system lord Moloc. Suddenly, six Jaffa warrior-women storm in and take out the attackers. Mala, leader of the armed Amazon party, has been seeking SG-1, and she has the team ‘gate with them to an outpost called Ha’ktyl – the Jaffa word for liberation, which they also use to describe themselves. There SG-1 meets Ishta, Moloc’s beautiful high priestess. She and her fellow warrior-women have been secretly rescuing newborn female Jaffa, who are condemned to death by Moloc, and bringing them to this haven. Ishta and her seconds, Mala and Neith, tell how they use their offworld privileges to ‘gate to other planets, ambush Jaffa patrols and take their Goa’uld symbiotes. The symbiotes are then transferred to young girls at Ha’ktyl when they reach the age of prata, at which time they must take a symbiote or fall ill and die. The Ha’ktyl women ask SG-1 for weapons, food and supplies to continue their struggle, and in return offer their services and knowledge. Maj. Carter, knowing that Teal’c uses the Pangaran drug tretonin in order to survive without a symbiote, proposes this drug as an alternative. The idea is detestable to Neith, whose younger sister, Nesa, will soon reach prata. Teal’c eventually convinces Ishta that tretonin, though not without risks, is worth trying. She asks for volunteers to accompany her to Stargate Command to test the drug. Mala insists she go in Ishta’s place. A fellow warrior named Emta and two others also step forward. While Carter, Col. O’Neill and the five Jaffa women jaunt to Stargate Command, Dr. Daniel Jackson stays behind to report any news on the tretonin tests that SGC will radio-in through the MALP. Meanwhile, Teal’c and Ishta become very close. Daniel tells young Nesa of the drug that can save her life. This conversation infuriates Neith, who, after conferring with fellow warriors Ginra and Ka’lel, challenges Ishta to combat for control of Ha’ktyl. Teal’c tries to break up the fight when Daniel arrives with bad news: Mala did not respond to the tretonin – she is dead. 43:55
11 Evolution, Pt. 1 On the rendezvous planet where the Goa’uld system lords Tilgath and Ramius were to forge an alliance, Teal’c and his mentor Bra’tac find the two armies slaughtered and Ramius gone. Ramius’ First Prime is still barely alive and warns them to leave immediately. But it’s too late – out of the distance, a tall, lone warrior in black body-armor comes forth shooting power blasts of tremendous magnitude from his wrist weapons. After a desperate firefight, the warrior finally falls. The body is brought back to Stargate Command, where Maj. Carter and her father Jacob/Selmak remove its armor and discover a huge but poorly detailed synthetic Goa’uld host with no evidence of trauma from energy blasts. The armor appears to be made of an energy-absorbing material. Teal’c and Bra’tac did not kill the warrior: It died of a heart attack, having been engineered for strength and not longevity. Selmak the Tok’ra half of Jacob Carter’s symbiotic being surmises that this was intended to be a synthetic Goa’uld foot soldier. Also, the being was only about three weeks old and was given life after it was fully grown. Its energy signature is similar to that of Goa’uld sarcophagi, which can heal and even restore life but are not able to bring life to things that were never alive in the first place. Selmak explains that thousands of years ago, a Goa’uld system lord named Telchak found a device created by the Ancients from which he was able to create the first sarcophagus. Telchak and fellow system lord Anubis went to war over the device, but Anubis never found it. The Tok’ra have long sought this original device in the hope of using it to perfect the sarcophagus technology. Now it might be the key to fighting this kind of warrior, by discovering how to reverse the device’s life-giving energy. Its healing power is also of great value. But where to find it? Dr. Daniel Jackson recalls that his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, in his search for the fountain of youth, claimed he had found evidence indicating that the source of the fountain’s power was a piece of alien technology used by early Mayan tribes around 900 BC. Ballard traced its origin to Chac, the Mayan God of rain, who might have been Telchak. Much of Ballard’s notes are indecipherable because, as Selmak sees instantly, they are written in an obscure Goa’uld dialect. 43:57
12 Evolution, Pt. 2 Dr. Daniel Jackson and his colleague Dr. Lee are tortured by the Honduran revolutionary Rafael, who wants to know about the artifact they’ve found in one of the secret temples of the Goa’uld system lord Telchak. The artifact is actually the original device used by Telchak to create the first healing sarcophagus, and it could be the key to discovering how to reverse the life-giving effects of this technology – which system lord Anubis is using to create a race of indestructible supersoldiers. Back at Stargate Command, Gen. Hammond tells Col. O’Neill that Daniel and Lee are being held for ransom and will be killed in 72 hours if the United States doesn’t pay. Unable to intervene directly because of strained relations with Honduras, the president has unofficially authorized the CIA to gather intel on the two scientists’ whereabouts. Time is of the essence: Rafael is growing tired of Daniel’s refusal to talk about the artifact and has resorted to electric-shock torture. The CIA eventually surmises a location, and an agent named Burke requests that Col. O’Neill aid in the extraction. O’Neill is raring to go, even though he and Burke have a shaky history: Burke still blames O’Neill for not coming to his defense on a friendly fire charge resulting in Burke being sent to permanent assignment in Honduras. Hammond, Teal’c, Maj. Carter and her father Jacob (and his Tok’ra symbiote, Selmak) hatch a plan to infiltrate Anubis’ base on Tartarus, where the new supersoldiers are being developed. The stargate on Tartarus is inside Anubis’ base and has a powerful force field protecting it. In order to shut down the sensor array, Selmak volunteers to wear the captured supersoldier suit, which is capable of penetrating the force field. Once the array has been deactivated, a Tok’ra scout ship will deliver the truncated SG-1. Radioactive isotopes taken internally will permit the team to move around freely without being detected by the base’s internal sensors. 43:58
13 Grace Maj. Carter is aboard the recently repaired Prometheus, helping Col. Ronson get the starship home via short sub-light bursts – jumping out of hyperspace every 50 light-years so that the sub-light engines can cool down. At the current stop, Carter notices a gaseous anomaly; she requests Ronson investigate it. Just then a hostile alien ship appears. Outgunned, Carter suggests they use a short sub-light burst to make a hyperspace jump into the cloud for cover. As she reroutes the systems, the ship suffers a massive hit, knocking Carter unconscious. When she awakens, she is the only crew-member left aboard; the escape pods have been jettisoned. The hyper-drive is intact but the sub-light engines are offline. What’s more, the hull will breach in about eight hours. As Carter uses every stopgap measure she can to save the ship, she has trouble staying awake. Teal’c then appears and tells her she must stay awake to stay alive. She also gets visits from Dr. Daniel Jackson, her father Jacob/Selmak, Col. O’Neill and a little girl named Grace – all of whom Carter surmises are part of her subconscious mind and all of whom have something important to tell her. Daniel suggests that Carter use this opportunity to investigate the cloud. Teal’c warns her that she might not be on Prometheus at all, but being held prisoner, along with the other crew-members, aboard the alien ship, and that her mind is being probed. While she’s searching for a way to get the sub-light engines online, the aliens could be learning from her how the ship’s technology works. Jacob tells her to stop following every scientific lead and follow her heart, find someone to love and not deny herself a chance to be happy. Daniel comes up with a theory that the cloud is a sentient being and if she talks to it, maybe it’ll let the ship go. But how can she do that? Daniel then suggests that the little girl Carter keeps seeing might be the personification of the cloud. O’Neill finally appears and encourages Carter not to give up and suggests that there might be a chance for them to be together. They even share a subconscious kiss. 43:49
14 Fallout Stargate Command gets a surprise visit from Jonas Quinn, a Kelownan scientist and former SG-1 member from the planet once designated P9Y-4C3 and now dubbed Langara. But the circumstances of this reunion are not at all happy. Jonas tells SG-1 and Gen. Hammond that he and other scientists from Kelowna – one of three nations on his world – have been analyzing data left behind by Thanos, the Goa’uld marauder who occupied their planet 3,000 years ago. They’ve discovered that the fuel-source ore Naquadria, long thought to be native and unique to Langara, is not a natural element. That’s not earthshaking news, but what follows is, literally: Thanos initiated a process that synthesized Naquadria from the less powerful but more stable element Naquadah while the ore was still in the ground. This started a chain reaction that even now continues to convert the planet’s Naquadah deposits into Naquadria. The conversion process now reaches so deeply into the planet that one particular, immense Naquadria deposit is priming to explode with enough force to obliterate Kelowna and throw the world into nuclear winter. Maj. Carter goes to Kelowna with Jonas to help learn how the conversion process works so that they can find a way to stop it. There she meets Jonas’ attractive assistant, Kianna Cyr. Back at Stargate Command, the three representatives of the joint ruling council of Langara arrive through the stargate: Eremal, the representative from Tirania; Tarthus, the representative from the Andari Federation; and former ambassador, now first minister, Dreylock of Kelowna. They meet with Hammond, Col. O’Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal’c to discuss the partial relocation of their people to a world called Madronus, which is willing to accept many thousands of refugees. Carter and Jonas return to SGC with alarming news. The original deposit of Naquadria was created by a freak explosion in the Goa’uld lab where Thanos created the first sample thousands of years ago. This explosion created the first vein, which would simply have reverted back to Naquadah in another 10,000 years had the Kelownans not mined it. Unfortunately, the Kelownans inadvertently accelerated and intensified the conversion process two years ago, when they tested the Naquadria bomb. In essence, the Kelownans are responsible for the possible destruction of their planet. 43:58
15 Chimera Maj. Carter has been set up with her brother Mark’s friend Pete Shanahan, a cop from Denver who thinks Carter works for the Air Force in a simple research capacity. Their relationship has really started to heat up, judging from their romantic role-playing at a coffee bar this morning and the eye-opening sun dress she has on. Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Jackson has been visited in his dreams by his former lover, Sarah Gardner, who was possessed by the Goa’uld system lord Osiris. As Pete, with cop instincts, questions Carter to learn what she really does, Osiris uses a Goa’uld mind-link to probe Daniel’s subconscious while he sleeps. Daniel dreams about deciphering the tablet that is supposed to lead to the lost city of the Ancients, where the most powerful weaponry in the universe might lie. In these extremely vivid dreams, Osiris, as Sarah, coaxes and inspires Daniel in his office back at the University of Chicago’s archaeology department, where they met – she as a Cambridge-educated research assistant, he as a professor. Pete and Carter’s relationship reaches a new level, and they sleep together. Pete tells her about his divorce and his love of the classic police sitcom Barney Miller. Carter, however, can’t reciprocate: She can’t expose Pete to the top-secret truth about what she does – or to the danger of it that she alludes to. Pete takes it as a rejection and calls an FBI buddy, Farrity, to do a background check on her. Pete’s pal tells him that the background check turned out so squeaky clean that it can mean only one thing – Samantha is into something top-secret and he shouldn’t ask too many questions. Daniel, increasingly troubled and exhausted by his dreams, finally confides in Teal’c and Carter, and the three try to understand why Sarah – whom, in reality, Daniel pushed away with his long hours working – is now in his dreams, sharing his obsession to find the Lost City. Teal’c has the answer: The Goa’uld possess the technology to probe one’s memories. 43:48
16 Death Knell At the new Alpha Site – the safe-haven planet to which Earth’s population can evacuate and where the Tok’ra and Jaffa resistance fighters are based – Jacob/Selmak and his daughter, Maj. Carter, discuss modifications to a prototype weapon. It was developed by reverse-engineering the technology of the re-animation device developed by the Goa’uld system lord Telchak. Right now the weapon is only 70 percent effective against Anubis’ super-drone army. Carter is calibrating a new, more effective power pack for it when, incredibly, a fleet of Goa’uld ships approaches the planet. The location was highly classified, yet somehow the Goa’uld still found it. Base commander Col. Riley orders an immediate evacuation to the Beta Site and the self-destruction of the Alpha Site base. After the evacuation, 90 people are unaccounted for, including Jacob/Selmak, Carter and Riley. Col. O’Neill, Teal’c, Dr. Daniel Jackson and SG-3 search for survivors at the Alpha Site. They find Jacob/Selmak, who gives O’Neill the semi-effective prototype weapon, which has only a few more shots left. Carter has the upgraded and fully charged power pack, but Jacob doesn’t know where she is or even if she’s still alive. Twelve more survivors are found and brought back to Stargate Command, where Gen. Hammond questions the second-in-command, Maj. Green. Jacob/Selmak tells Daniel how he and Carter had scrambled to download the weapon design into the Matrix Crystal when a drone broke into the lab. Jacob fired the weapon, but in its present configuration it only stunned the drone. He and Carter retreated with the rest of the survivors, but the drone followed only the two of them. Jacob/Selmak surmises that the purpose of the attack was to eliminate the weapon, its plans and its creators. He thinks that because Carter has the weapon design, the drone is still after her. Indeed it is. Back at the Alpha Site, Carter, badly bruised and exhausted, has been evading the deadly super-predator all this time. O’Neill and Teal’c are now following her trail and Gen. Hammond has sent an armed UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) reconnaissance mini-plane to search for more survivors and attack the super-soldier if necessary. 43:47
17 Heroes, Pt. 1 On the occasion of the 1000th trip through the stargate, and in preparation of the Stargate Program someday going public, the president authorizes documentary filmmaker Emmett Bregman to chronicle a day’s events at Stargate Command. Gen. Hammond is less than enthusiastic but has agreed to follow the president’s orders to the letter – which means cooperating only as much as he has to. Bregman’s camera crew consists of two handpicked Air Force personnel, Tech Sgt. Dale James and Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse – a concession in light of what happened during the "Prometheus" incident, the last time a film crew was allowed on the site. Accompanying them is Col. Tom Rundell, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex public-affairs liaison. Emmett tries to get Dr. Daniel Jackson to talk about what it felt like to Ascend, but Daniel doesn’t remember. A remarkably hostile Col. O’Neill tells Emmett to send him a memo. From Teal’c he learns … nothing. But Dr. Lee and Sgt. Siler do offer Bregman a James Bond-style "Q moment" with a prototype protective vest, and Maj. Carter bubbles over with technobabble about how the stargates’ DHDs might be a purer source of power than anything else currently used on Earth. Emmett is more interested in getting a shot of the stargate spinning, but he and his crew are prohibited from getting involved in any ongoing activity. Consequently, when an offworld-activation alert sounds, the ‘gate room is off-limits to him. Later, Bregman does get some material from the visiting Sen. Kinsey – who’s now a presidential candidate’s running mate – but the only person he’s really able to get close to is Dr. Fraiser, with whom he seems a bit smitten. Meanwhile, on planet P3X-666, the SG-13 survey team led by Col. Dave Dixon discovers the remains of a city built by the Ancients – a momentous find. Balinsky, the team archeologist, proudly says, "Dr. Jackson is gonna die when he sees this!" Answers Dixon, "What, again?" A few minutes later, an airborne robotic probe appears and fires upon them. The survey team manages to destroy it and sends back the remains for analysis. Gen. Hammond sends SG-3 to the planet as backup. 43:54
18 Heroes, Pt. 2 Documentary filmmaker Emmett Bregman and his crew, Tech Sgt. Dale James and Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse, are bumped from their scheduled time to tape shots of the stargate because Bregman is not allowed to record "ongoing activity." And a lot of activity is going on: SG-1 has just gone through the stargate to planet P3X-666, along with Marine Combat unit SG-5, Dr. Janet Fraiser and two medical technicians. At an editing console with his crew, Bregman reviews all the interview footage he’s gotten so far. Col. O’Neill and Gen. Hammond are still unwilling to be part of, as Hammond put it, Bregman’s "little reality show." Because of all the restrictions placed on him, all Bregman has is a bunch of talking-head interviews. "Where’s the equivalent shot of [Apollo 14 commander Alan] Shepard playing golf on the moon?" he asks rhetorically. "This is unbelievably boring." But what’s happening on the other planet is far from boring: The SG teams and Fraiser have ‘gated into an ambush. Col. Dixon of SG-13 had reported that only six Jaffa had invaded the site, but now they are facing an army of them, with Alkesh gliders dropping plasma bombs left and right. A retreat is in order but Dr. Fraiser needs more time to stabilize a patient before he can be moved. O’Neill, trying to buy her that time, goes to take out an approaching Jaffa – and he takes a blast square in the chest. O’Neill is down – smoldering and unmoving. Back at Stargate Command, Bregman is interviewing a technician about the equipment when an incoming-wormhole alert sounds. Hammond orders Bregman away, but the filmmaker takes the camera in his own hands and keeps shooting as a covered gurney is wheeled by. Then he sees Carter coming down the hallway, where the crew is authorized to shoot. She’s crying and shouts, "Shut that damn thing off!" When Sgt. James complies, Bregman turns livid: "You turn that camera off when I tell you to turn it off!" he orders, then continues, "You force the press into the cold and all you’ll get is lies and innuendo, and nothing is worse for a free society than a press that is in service to the military and the politicians. Nothing!" 43:57
19 Resurrection Agent Malcolm Barrett of the National Intelligence Division (NID) has called SG-1 (minus Col. O’Neill, who is still recovering from the recent firefight on P3X-666) to Los Angeles, where a massacre has taken place. The locale, a seemingly abandoned warehouse, is actually the site of a rogue NID sleeper cell. The body count is 32 personnel, ranging from scientists to cleaning staff. Barrett has the killer – a fragile-looking young woman named Anna – in custody in a Plexiglas cell. There is also one survivor, a German scientist named Dr. Keffler. Barrett shows SG-1 a security tape of the massacre, depicting Anna in deadly action. When eventually found, she was cowering in a corner. Barrett placed her in the cell – where she said "they" had kept her. He then takes the team to a room of Egyptian Goa’uld artifacts – none of which Dr. Daniel Jackson has seen before. Teal’c recognizes the markings on a scepter, which indicate it belonged to a powerful Goa’uld named Sekhmet, once loyal to Ra, the very first Goa’uld system lord humans had encountered (in the movie Stargate). Barrett presumes the artifacts to have been originally uncovered by Germany, because the files he has on Keffler say that he is the son of a convicted Nazi war criminal. While Teal’c and Daniel explore the artifacts, Maj. Carter and Barrett interrogate Keffler. The smarmy scientist is not forthcoming, and all Barrett found on him were some nitroglycerin pills for his heart condition and a remote for his car alarm. Barrett next takes Carter to a lab, where he shows her three jars. Each contains a semi-human, mutated embryo. Carter takes a crack at the lab’s encrypted computer files to try to learn what this experiment was about. Meanwhile, Daniel and Teal’c find an ark with four knobs that can be turned as though they’re some sort of combination lock. 43:55
20 Inauguration As the newly elected President Hayes steps into the Oval Office, he finds Gen. Francis Maynard, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, waiting for him. Maynard is there to brief Hayes about the Stargate Program, of which Hayes has been unaware until this very moment. Hayes storms into now Vice-President Kinsey’s office, angry that Kinsey knew about Stargate Command and never told him. Kinsey claims that he was under a special executive gag order – and that he and Hayes now are finally in the position to clean house at Stargate Command by replacing Gen. George Hammond and SG-1. However, President Hayes says he’s going to need convincing. He learns that Kinsey, while head of the Senate Appropriations Committee, tried to shut down the Stargate Program. Gen. Maynard explains that Kinsey later almost convinced the other nations of the world, during an international full-disclosure meeting at the Pentagon to give him control of Stargate Command. The president meets with Kinsey, Gen. Maynard and Kinsey’s investigator, attorney Richard Woolsey, who has been brought him in to argue the case that Hammond and SG-1 need to be replaced. Woolsey cites SG-1’s insubordination when they ignored orders to suspend all offworld travel pending a review of the Stargate Program. Two years later, the team refused Hammond’s own order for SG-1 to stay put. Gen. Maynard counters that, in the latter case, SG-1 averted an alien invasion by sabotaging a mothership that the Goa’uld eventually would have used against Earth. He also reminds Woolsey that SG-1 was under the influence of an alien device at the time. Which brings Woolsey to the number of times SG-1 has fallen under alien control. He cites Maj. Carter’s implantation with a Goa’uld symbiote and becoming host to an alien virus. There was also Dr. Daniel Jackson’s death and Ascension into a higher life-form; and the fact that Teal’c – an alien and one-time Goa’uld soldier – now possesses full security clearance at America’s most classified facility. 43:52
21 Lost City, Pt. 1 Dr. Daniel Jackson makes an amazing discovery while translating the Ancient writing on the colonnade that SG-2 discovered on planet P3X-439. The writing talks about a library of knowledge and Daniel suspects it contains a repository – the same type of device that once downloaded the Ancients’ knowledge into Col. O’Neill’s brain and would have cost O’Neill his life had not the Asgard intervened and removed the alien data from his mind. However, SG-2 spots a Goa’uld reconnaissance drone while on the planet, which means that system lord Anubis is also aware of the repository’s existence. SG-1 must get to it first, so that they can, once and for all, learn the location of the Lost City of the Ancients and use that race’s advanced technology to save the galaxy from Goa’uld oppression. Should this knowledge fall into Anubis’ hands, nothing will be able to stop him. This time, SG-1’s plan is to remove the repository rather than downloading it into a human, and then to bring it back to Earth and find a safe way to retrieve the data. The Asgard and other alien allies are not responding, so Stargate Command is on its own. SG-1, SG-2 and SG-3 are dispatched to P3X-439, where Daniel and Maj. Carter try to remove the repository from the monument – with no luck. Suddenly, a full-scale Goa’uld attack rocks the monument, as Alkesh fighters carpet-bomb the area. There is no choice: Someone must download the Ancient knowledge into his or her brain. O’Neill assesses that Carter is too valuable, and that Daniel will be needed to translate the Ancient language that whoever goes through with this will be speaking when their consciousness is taken over and replaced by that of the Ancients – resulting in neural overload and death. So he does it again: O’Neill steps up to the repository, where the face-hugging arms come out, grab O’Neill’s head and pump Ancient knowledge directly into his brain. The teams return to Stargate Command, where they must face the inevitable: O’Neill’s human consciousness will soon be obliterated and he will begin speaking in Ancient. Not long after that, his human physiology will no longer be able to handle the strain and he will die. 43:57
22 Lost City, Pt. 2 A lot is riding on Col. O’Neill’s "fron" – the Ancient word for head: Having had the repository of Ancient knowledge downloaded into his mind, he now, hopefully, will soon know the secret location of The Lost City of the Ancients, where the power to defeat Anubis is thought to lie. And with Anubis and his super-drone army rapidly approaching Earth, SG-1 can only pray that O’Neill will "go Ancient" soon – even though everyone sadly knows that when that happens, O’Neill’s physical composition won’t be able to stand the transition for long, and he will die. The process seems to have already begun: Dr. Daniel Jackson notices O’Neill has written some Ancient words into a crossword puzzle he was trying to finish while he can still read English. Daniel discerns that they are not words but syllables of two words – Praclarush Taonas, the planet where the Lost City lies. But Daniel also figures out that each syllable also is a clue to the planet’s stargate address – one they tried dialing two years ago without success. That means the stargate is buried. Maj. Carter can use the address to chart the planet’s position in space, but they’ll have to travel there by ship. Dr. Elizabeth Weir – the newly installed head of Stargate Command – reminds them that the starship Prometheus can’t be taken now, as it is Earth’s last line of defense against Anubis. Teal’c and Bra’tac, however, have procured an unarmed interstellar cargo ship on Chulak. The ship was stolen from Anubis by a free Jaffa named Ronan, who joins them in their mission. They and SG-1 travel to Praclarush Taonas with a load of equipment that O’Neill has packed without knowing why. O’Neill also senses they’re not traveling fast enough, and he modifies the engines in a way that even Carter can’t fathom. She tells O’Neill she has authorization to take control of the team if she determines his brain has become too overwritten with Ancient consciousness. He tells her to take command now. Anubis begins the attack on Earth. An American aircraft carrier and a battle cruiser are destroyed by one of his ships. Communications across the planet are knocked out. Vice-President Kinsey runs to Stargate Command to ‘gate to the Alpha Site. At the White House, President Hayes – who has been meeting with top officials, including Gen. Hammond, and has spoken with a projection of Anubis himself – tells his team to stand and fight. He orders the Prometheus to launch. 43:54

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