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Babylon 5, Season 4

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  • Total: 22 Episodes
  • Format: SD Version
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: Mar 11, 2007
  • Publisher: © TM & (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment inc. All Rights Reserved
  • Language: English or English Subtitles
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Babylon 5, Season 4 Description:

In the fourth season of the acclaimed space opera Babylon 5, the station continues to serve as a refuge for heroes, thieves, and rare and exotic beings in a time of uneasy peace and the constant threat of war. The space station and its allies finally engage the powerful Shadows in a tremendous showdown, while the station's captain strives to expose far-reaching corruption on Earth. Also, Sheridan and Delenn's alliance – both personal and political – signals a new age of peace in the universe.

Babylon 5, Season 4 Full 22 Episodes Download Free:

Name Description Time Download
1 The Hour of the Wolf Sheridan is missing and presumed dead. The Centauris continue to ally with the Shadows. 43:44
2 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? G’Kar finds trouble while searching for Garibaldi. Sheridan hovers between life and death. 43:42
3 The Summoning A mysterious spacecraft heads towards Babylon 5 as Ivanova and Marcus search for more First Ones to aid in the war. 43:45
4 Falling Toward Apotheosis Refugees from worlds destroyed by the Vorlons descend on Babylon 5. 43:46
5 The Long Night Sheridan schemes to lure the Shadows into open warfare with the Vorlons. 43:47
6 Into the Fire Ivanova and Lorien look for First Ones as Sheridan readies to meet the Shadows and Vorlons. 43:47
7 Epiphanies Earth prepares to shut down Babylon 5. 43:46
8 The Illusion of Truth A propagandist news reporter visits Babylon 5. 43:45
9 Atonement Delenn’s clan has doubts about her taking Sheridan as a mate, so she travels to Minbar. 43:45
10 Racing Mars Sheridan clashes with Garibaldi. Franklin and Marcus encounter trouble near the Mars resistance camp. 43:46
11 Lines of Communication Delenn meets the Drakhs for the first time. 44:16
12 Conflicts of Interest Ivanova prepares for her first resistance broadcast. 44:15
13 Rumors, Bargains & Lies Sheridan manipulates planetary leaders to band against ruthless raiders. 44:17
14 Moments of Transition Delenn must make the ultimate sacrifice for her caste. 44:15
15 No Surrender, No Retreat Sheridan again gets ready for war after 10,000 unarmed refugees are killed. 44:17
16 The Exercise of Vital Power Garibaldi arrives on Mars to rendezvous with a powerful business leader — and their plans could cost Sheridan his life. 44:20
17 The Face of the Enemy Sheridan is summoned to Mars after his father is arrested, and Garibaldi gives him over to Clark’s forces. 44:15
18 Intersections In Real Time Sheridan is tortured by a ruthless Earth official. 44:15
19 Between the Darkness and the Light Lyta, Dr. Franklin and Garibaldi set out to rescue Sheridan. 44:14
20 Endgame Sheridan uses Shadow-modified telepaths to help him disable a fleet near Mars so he can take Earth. 44:15
21 Rising Star Marcus makes the ultimate sacrifice for Ivanova. 44:14
22 The Deconstruction of Falling Stars In the season finale, the story of the InterStellar Alliance is projected eons into the future. 44:15